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Six hours sleep for a man, seven for a woman and eight for a fool.

— Napoleon

Why Teachers Quit

Two of the most common reasons teachers quit are lack of administrative support, where the inmates are running the asylum, and the ongoing attempt by Education Agencies across the nation to erode the ability of teachers to teach in an effort to convert public schools into private voucher pipelines run by hedge [...] Read more →

Does Your House Smell like a Dead Cat? Do You?

Are you smoking Marijuana at home? Fine example you are for your kids. Your home stinks pal! You stink too but probably don’t realize it.

Your kids, who are most likely smarter than you, are embarrassed to have their friends over.

So clean up your act fella! Be [...] Read more →

Who Killed Jonathan Lewis? We all did.

Mark Zuckerberg, complicit in the killing of Jonathan Lewis

We now know that at least two of the young thuggish killers who stomped Jonathan Lewis to death in Las Vegas were under the influence of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Zhang Yiming, the respective founders of Facebook, Twitter, and TicTok. How [...] Read more →

The Gates Philosophy on How to Keep the Country Bumpkins Down

In the opening pages of her book, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt lays out the foundations of the socialist takeover of America’s education system by rich American foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation. In this cast of characters was one Frederick T. Gates who was essentially John D. Rockefeller’s go to man for doling [...] Read more →

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

For anyone that is interested in knowing the facts about why our public school systems are in the current mess they are in, Charlotte Thomson Isyerbyt’s classic book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a must read. It is a chronological collection of policy papers and government decisions that have shaped [...] Read more →

Teacher Pay Teachers Sold to IXL Learning

IXL Learning Acquires Teachers Pay Teachers, the World’s Largest Platform for Educator-Created Content.

The acquisition of Teachers Pay Teachers expands IXL Learning’s ability to connect educators with relevant and engaging learning materials that help PK-12 students succeed academically

SAN MATEO, Calif. and NEW YORK, March 2, [...] Read more →

The United Nations is Giving Millions of Dollars to US Bound Immigrants – Funded by guess who?

Do you know who provides most of the funding to the United Nations?  If you guessed the United States of America, you would be correct.

Are you aware of exactly where your tax dollars are going?

Basically the United Nations is a globalist collective of communists looking to raid the bank accounts of U.S. taxpayers.  Now you know why Biden wants to hire 80,000 more IRS agents.  They want to steal from you and give to them.

“The Biden administration’s 2023 budget requested about $4.5 billion for UN entities and about $10 billion in 2022 for humanitarian assistance that would “support vulnerable people abroad”, but it’s unclear where it all ends up. The most recent data available shows that the U.S. contributed about $5.87 billion to UN entities in FY 2020 that deal with migration and refugee assistance.”

Click here to learn more. 

By the way, the UN is not the only organization that annually raids the US Taxpayers piggy banks.  The IMF, the World Bank, the World Development Bank and a myriad of NGOs also do the same.  All of this is simply a communistic transfer of wealth from Americans to nations that can’t seem to do anything for themselves due to being under the thumb of crooked dictators, politicians, criminal gangs, and religious fundamentalists.


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