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Who was it said the human race is divided into guests and hosts, well I’m a host, not a guest. I don’t like being a guest. I like being a host.

— John Aspinall – The Clermont Club

Why Teachers Quit

Two of the most common reasons teachers quit are lack of administrative support, where the inmates are running the asylum, and the ongoing attempt by Education Agencies across the nation to erode the ability of teachers to teach in an effort to convert public schools into private voucher pipelines run by hedge [...] Read more →

Does Your House Smell like a Dead Cat? Do You?

Are you smoking Marijuana at home? Fine example you are for your kids. Your home stinks pal! You stink too but probably don’t realize it.

Your kids, who are most likely smarter than you, are embarrassed to have their friends over.

So clean up your act fella! Be [...] Read more →

Who Killed Jonathan Lewis? We all did.

Mark Zuckerberg, complicit in the killing of Jonathan Lewis

We now know that at least two of the young thuggish killers who stomped Jonathan Lewis to death in Las Vegas were under the influence of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Zhang Yiming, the respective founders of Facebook, Twitter, and TicTok. How [...] Read more →

The Gates Philosophy on How to Keep the Country Bumpkins Down

In the opening pages of her book, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt lays out the foundations of the socialist takeover of America’s education system by rich American foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation. In this cast of characters was one Frederick T. Gates who was essentially John D. Rockefeller’s go to man for doling [...] Read more →

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

For anyone that is interested in knowing the facts about why our public school systems are in the current mess they are in, Charlotte Thomson Isyerbyt’s classic book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a must read. It is a chronological collection of policy papers and government decisions that have shaped [...] Read more →

Teacher Pay Teachers Sold to IXL Learning

IXL Learning Acquires Teachers Pay Teachers, the World’s Largest Platform for Educator-Created Content.

The acquisition of Teachers Pay Teachers expands IXL Learning’s ability to connect educators with relevant and engaging learning materials that help PK-12 students succeed academically

SAN MATEO, Calif. and NEW YORK, March 2, [...] Read more →

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program Steams Full Speed Ahead Despite Hypocritical Politicians

Joe Biden Visits Chop and thinks he is in Chicago during the Summer of Love

I have always enjoyed a good chuckle listening to the so-called “moral majority” in this nation, the ones that preach Puritan Piety, but have no problem passing laws favorable to their own personal financial and economic interests.

These are the fat cats like Bill Gates and others that take massive farm subsidies, luxury “business” car write-offs, and then decry student loan forgiveness because they “paid their own way”…too funny.

These same Puritans have for some reason been unable to legislatively stop un-Holy and certainly un-Biblical usury interest rates now plaguing the average American consumer of upwards of 34%+.

Even the famous Dave Ramsey has been wrong all along.  Dave, himself, has in the past declared bankruptcy in case no one has mentioned it to you Dave Ramsey fans.  I have nothing personal against Mr. Ramsey other than my view that he has for years given bad advice to those in debt, playing the pious game that one should repay corrupt usurers and global banking thieves first; yes, the ones that we the holy of holy taxpayers bailed out in 2008 so they could come back fully recapitalized under a “newly minted” banking scheme giving them retail banking charters so they could begin charging us 29% interest on credit cards as a good kick in the teeth while we were being kicked out of out homes.  They apparently did not get enough during that round of bailouts.  Yes, Goldman Sachs was one of them.  Are you aware that Goldman Sachs was about to go belly up in 2008 without a government bail-out?  We also bailed out most of the world’s major banks in order to keep the world from turning against America for our financial sins. Yes dear citizen, our bad Karma has been accumulating around the globe for years.

Fast forward to 2023; Now that Goldman has learned retail banking is no longer profitable as it once was, they want outof course they do. 

But honest Dave Ramsey says YOU MUST PAY THY BILLS on TIME!

Dave is wrong because if you paid your student loans off on Dave’s advice, you just missed out on the greatest student loan forgiveness program ever undertaken.

Dave has been wrong a lot lately.  He also decried the PPP loans during the pandemic.  Over $790 BILLION DOLLARS in loans were issued, 90% of which were ultimately forgiven.  Dave said no thanks to that one also.  Dave is hitting “Stupid” on All Cylinders as far as I am concerned.  Those that have student loans and waited are winning the game.  Those that paid the loans are losing.  Bad advice from Dave once again. Here is Dave making his stupid case for student loans:

Here is Dave giving bad advice on PPP Loans:

What?  The loans were forgiven Dave!  That makes you wrong once again.  Click here to learn how over 11,468,298 PPP loans were written and who received them.  The average loan was for $69,000.00.

Click here to learn that over 10,500,000 of these loans were ultimately forgiven. 

Still a Dave Ramsey fan?

Then there are the a$$holes like Steve Forbes, the “American” publishing tycoon that has sold a large percentage of his holdings to the Chinese. But this closet globalist won’t readily admit this in public.   Steve Forbes is the un-American bastard was the first out of the gate in 2009 (Post Housing Bubble Implosion) in his February Forbes issues claiming that the whole damned problem with America is that teachers are overpaid.  F#$k you Steve!  That’s all we can say about that.  You are a genuine Jack Ass!

Many perplexed citizens are now scratching their heads wondering if students will ever see any debt relief.  The news coming out of Washington has been confusing at best and the news media only adds further confusion to the matter.   In a recent article in CNBC, we learn that it is already taking place: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/28/biden-administration-notifies-borrowers-of-student-loan-forgiveness-.html

Click here to read more about how the Federal Government is now admitting to errors, and basically false advertising in how student forbearance works.  And about usury interest rates that never decreased even after the Fed Funds Rate went to Zero!

The fact is that the Democrats, much like the Republicans when in office, do exactly as they please with the “citizen tax-payers” money, whether the citizen tax-payer agrees with it or not.  In the article above we find Donald Trump claiming to be on the side of the Supreme Court in this matter…yes the same Donald Trump that has a great appreciation for the Bankruptcy Courts of America, what?

“Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said that Biden didn’t have the authority to cancel student debt without prior authorization from Congress.

“He knows he’s done something that is illegal and over the top,” Christie said on ABC’s “This Week” in 2022, shortly after Biden announced his broad forgiveness plan.

“Today, the Supreme Court also ruled that President Biden cannot wipe out hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions of dollars, in student loan debt, which would have been very unfair to the millions and millions of people who paid their debt through hard work and diligence; very unfair,” Trump said at a campaign event in June.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has said that it’s wrong to saddle taxpayers with the expense of student loan forgiveness.

“Why should a truck driver have to pay for somebody that got a degree in zombie studies?” DeSantis said at an Iowa event in early August. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Let me clear something up for the under-educated citizens out there that don’t understand how the Federal Reserve Bank of America works on behalf of the so-called American tax-payer.

The Fed will pay off these student loans with the swipe of a pen, or rather a entry onto a balance sheet keyed in on a computer.


If you believe that, you are highly delusional.

Our money manipulation system no longer depends on your blood, sweat, tears and labor(taxes)…

No not today friend… it simply depends on your gullibility in believing that the American monetary system is sound.  Meanwhile, the funny money will continue to be created for whatever purpose the citizen dictator currently sitting the in White-House thinks he can get away with.

The key to the whole scam is to give the poor just enough to stop them from picking up pitch forks and burning down the White-House.

Who in the hell in their right mind is going to complain in about student loan forgiveness after having received a massive PPP Check “on the house” from the federal government?  Really?  You can have your gravy but I can’t have mine?  Wake up America!  There is enough funny money for one and all.  The key is to keep your ear to the ground to learn where it will be flowing next.

And here is a sound piece of advice to the young man about town graduating from college:

Move to Washington young man!  Go sit in a few bars close to the federal buildings and keep your ears open, and shake a few hands and meet some people.  You should be able to figure out how to get in on the government gravy train in  a matter of weeks!


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Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History


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You Can’t Call it Censorship When You’re Pushing Kiddie Porn

The headline pretty much says it all.  The vile pornographic material now flooding our nation’s schools needs to be eradicated.  It is basically kiddie porn disguised as “teaching materials”.  Porn is porn, and if you are so stupid you don’t see this, then you need to be locked up with the purveyors of the material.  It’s time to call a spade a spade.

This video gives one an idea of what is in the shocking books being promoted by the U.S. Department of Education:


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The United Nations is Giving Millions of Dollars to US Bound Immigrants – Funded by guess who?

Do you know who provides most of the funding to the United Nations?  If you guessed the United States of America, you would be correct.

Are you aware of exactly where your tax dollars are going?

Basically the United Nations is a globalist collective of communists looking to raid the bank accounts of U.S. taxpayers.  Now you know why Biden wants to hire 80,000 more IRS agents.  They want to steal from you and give to them.

“The Biden administration’s 2023 budget requested about $4.5 billion for UN entities and about $10 billion in 2022 for humanitarian assistance that would “support vulnerable people abroad”, but it’s unclear where it all ends up. The most recent data available shows that the U.S. contributed about $5.87 billion to UN entities in FY 2020 that deal with migration and refugee assistance.”

Click here to learn more. 

By the way, the UN is not the only organization that annually raids the US Taxpayers piggy banks.  The IMF, the World Bank, the World Development Bank and a myriad of NGOs also do the same.  All of this is simply a communistic transfer of wealth from Americans to nations that can’t seem to do anything for themselves due to being under the thumb of crooked dictators, politicians, criminal gangs, and religious fundamentalists.


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Why Teachers Quit

Two of the most common reasons teachers quit are lack of administrative support, where the inmates are running the asylum, and the ongoing attempt by Education Agencies across the nation to erode the ability of teachers to teach in an effort to convert public schools into private voucher pipelines run by hedge funds and ex-Politicians and clever ex-school district administrators and superintendents.

Take a deep dive into your district’s programs and you will soon uncover some familiar names connected to Washington insiders and state politicians alike.  Why is this?  It has to do with the way the US Department of Education is run from top down.  Here is the basic scheme:

  • A large pool of money is supplied by the American taxpayer through Congress into the checking account of the Dept. of ED.
  • The Dept. of Ed puts out a call for grants and programs to be designed by those in the know…your congressman’s wife, George W. Bush’s little brother, etc..,
  • These yahoos send in their programs and collect the cash and are then allowed to intrude into the lives of local districts nationwide bombarding teachers with unwanted and unnecessary programs….the next best thing. 
  • Click here to learn more about the ridiculous programs the lefties running the US Education Department are pushing today that add absolutely no value to your child’s education.  Their goal in many of these programs related to mental health is to have as many kids as possible declared mentally ill so that in the future they will not be able to buy a gun.  I encourage every parent to file a legal letter with their child’s school from a local lawyer that makes it clear your child is to never be sent to a counselor without your permission.  Rattle their damned cages.

In Texas, for each and every year for the past twenty years, the Texas TEA has cooked up programs that cut into teacher planning time in a concerted attempt to demoralize teachers and create an EXCUSE ENVIRONMENT.   If I can take your planning time away and not allow you to actually teach but instead force you to jump through unnecessary hoops and hurdles on a daily basis, I can eventually make your life so miserable that before long your students are failing; which translates into not only your failure as a teacher but a system wide school failure where the desired “testing” results can never be reached. This is in fact the goal of the Texas politicians hell bent on a voucher system.

The latest thing coming out of TEA is a “required” Reading Academy that is being forced on elementary school teachers who are already certified.  Why Texas Teachers did not collectively get together and throw their middle fingers up to the TEA is beyond me.  But hey, that is where Teacher Unions should be doing their job.  They should have taken on TEA on behalf of teachers, but they are simply ineffective.  In fact, they have become nothing but lame impotent lefty lovers pushing the most bizarre agendas one can imagine.

The fact is, a school’s curriculum should never be changed.

It should be set in stone.

Districts should shut off the money flow to all educational consulting firms, and pushers of the next great thing for the “success” of your school’s kids, vis a vis My newly created flim-flam math program guaranteed to blow your mind. 

Texas school districts have become bloated fiefdoms providing a few high paying salaries to those well connected in their respective communities, and many of those drawing those high paying salaries are dumber than a bag of hammers.


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The Degeneration of America’s Youth more often than not begins at Home

There are now two generations of parents that are just as addicted to their telephones, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media outlets as are their kids.

This is a serious problem.  The nation as a whole is spiraling into a very dark place because of this sickness.  Some adults and kids alike will actually be killed as a result of their addictions.  Some will meet their demise by taking a selfie on a mountain top and falling over a cliff, while others will become embroiled in social media bullying disputes that will lead to doxing and being tracked down and shot and killed, while others will end up with stiff necks and left arms left in permanent states of pain due to tendonitis from hold a phone up for hours on end.

Sound crazy?  Think again.  Here are a few examples from the news.

Parents need to wake up and be the adults and put their own phones down and set good examples for their kids.

One wonders if some parents even realize how pathetically addicted they have become to social media and the degree of influence their own addictions have on their kids. Research is now being conducted to this regard and parental social media addiction has been shown to influence the addiction developing in their children.

The worst scenario possible is when a family begins communicating with each other via text messages rather than talking face to face.



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Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet(Cornet) – Free Download


Click here to view a copy of Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for  Cornet

[C]lick on the blue button to download a free copy of Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Cornet

Arbans - Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet (Cornet) - 11.8MB


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I Mowed Lawns for $3.00 per Lot; My Lawn Mower Cost $129.95 in 1976

The price of a good lawn mower has doubled since 1976; not bad actually.  The paycheck for the lawn has increased 20 fold or 20X or 20 x 3 = $60.00 plus per yard.

Today, a kid can buy a good Troy Built lawn mower for $269.95, but instead of $3.00, he can now earn $60.00 plus for the same lawn. Simply amazing.  Why I don’t see more kids pushing lawn mowers around town is beyond my comprehension.

I used to mow 15 lawns each summer.  Thus 15 x $60 x 10 mowings for the summer equals $9,000.00.  I want to be a kid again!


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It’s Time to take a Deeper Dive into the Jobs Market – Advice for Parents Seriously Interested in their Child’s Future

Navy Diver Petty Officer First Class Josh Moore welds a repair patch on the submerged bow of the USS Ogden while the ship was in port at Naval Base San Diego, California. Petty Officer Murray is a member of the South West Region Maintenance Center(SWRMC) Dive Locker’s underwater welding team. Official U.S. Navy Photograph By: Mass Communications Specialist(Diver) Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrew McKaskle, Navy Expedition Combat Command Detachment Combat Camera, Norfolk. (Released)

The every kid a college graduate is a 1970s hippiefied utopian myth.

The fact is some kids simply are not intelligent enough to attend college.  Others have the intelligence, but don’t have the discipline it takes to commit to four more years of self-motivated study.

Does it mean your kid is stupid?  No, it does not.

What it means is that your school’s guidance counselors may be highly delusional, selling hopeium in a pipe that just don’t smoke.

So what sir would you recommend?  Well, try this on for size.

First take your kid to visit military recruiters from each branch of service.  You will be amazed at the range of career fields.  Navy Nuclear specialists are in high demand.

$140K Bonus Anyone?

Have your kids watch every episodes of Dirty Jobs, and if they are spending hours on YouTube, then type in the following search terms in the YouTube search box:

  • high paid jobs you never heard of
  • high paying jobs without college
  • trade jobs that pay more than you expect
  • high paying jobs of the future

Once the kid finds something to his liking, it is then time for the parent to do everything in his power to ensure he has the opportunity.  This means driving over the Navy base and tracking down a diver, or taking them out to the job site where the pipe-liner is operating the side-boom, or arranging a day out with a group of surveyors on an engineering crew.  All you have to do is ask.  You will be amazed at how many good people are out there in the American work force and willing to mentor your kids.


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Does Your House Smell like a Dead Cat? Do You?

Are you smoking Marijuana at home?  Fine example you are for your kids.  Your home stinks pal!  You stink too but probably don’t realize it.

Your kids, who are most likely smarter than you, are embarrassed to have their friends over.

So clean up your act fella! Be a man, not damned pot head! Have some self-respect.  Even your neighbors can’t stand the smell emanating from your house!


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